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When Naruto returns from a mission he receives a ‘gift’ from the girl he was sent to bodyguard. Well, let’s just say that Sasuke better start believing in hypnosis real soon, because Naruto’s looking for a test subject.

When it comes to the notion of our importance as a people during the slave era, would it be a fact or opinion that we head a higher significance. But in the essay I will start at the auction block.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------- Tip: If you modify the configuration of the master server, remember to delete from the database directory on the server file.

Master-slave data replication allows for replicated data to be copied to multiple computers for backup and analysis by multiple parties.

Second: the backup has become difficult because mysqldump is to export a text file, and when particularly large amount of data, so backup often takes a long time, some people may say, we can copy data files directly to the backup database This is very convenient, fast, good, so convenient than mysqldump, but a direct copy of data file backup the way we are required to close the mysql service, and then copy the data file, otherwise you copy the file is likely to be bad .

The actual operation of the mysql service often requires no time to stop the service, so this backup is not feasible in this case.

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For the duration of the article, db01 is considered the server (running in read-only mode).The same applies to the ongoing topic of master-slave relationships; in order to be a master, you must own a slave.When using the My SQL general, if the data is not, we are using a My SQL server, the backup time can use the mysqldump tool, but as the business grows, the question arises: First of all: the amount of data is often straight up, a single database server performance bottlenecks began to appear, getting slower and slower data access.If you already have a My SQL database running on the master node, a dump and restore into the slave node is required before configuring replication between them.

I want to write a simple, dumb, X terminal emulator in C on a Linux system.

At first, I just thought I would have to popen a shell and display its output.