Updating new york state physician profile

27-Feb-2016 02:17

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The Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC), a branch of the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), has recently undertaken a more aggressive approach to investigate and, in some cases, begin disciplinary action against physicians who have failed to update their New York State Physician Profile.An uptick in such investigations has created a nightmare for some physicians simply because they did not take the requisite time to ensure that the information listed on their Profile was current.Applicants who complete the FCVS verification process establish a permanent, lifetime portfolio of primary-source verified credentials - allowing easy and cost-effective access to medical credentials whenever they are needed.These documents can be used throughout the applicant's career for state licensure, hospital privileges, employment and professional memberships.

The base fee is 5 (physician) or 5 (physician assistant), with an additional fee for applications submitted online.At a minimum, you are required to update your Profile within six months of your biennial medical license registration.